Are you immune to change?

ny resolutions

It’s New Year’s Eve, when many of us look back on the year that has just passed and take stock of what’s pleased us, made us proud, and what we would like the year ahead to bring us. For some, the year ending has maybe not been as we would have hoped, and the new year marks a point in time when we look to better times, and the prospect of a new start – an opportunity to start again with new hope.

For all too brief a time, we may be able to hold in our minds the realisation that the future is unknown, uncertain, and embrace it, because the very unknowability of it is also the root of possibility, hope, creativity and choice. How long is it before we slip into ‘business as usual’ and recreate our past behaviours, known, tried, and guaranteed to give us more of what we’ve had before?

If you want your resolutions to last longer than the fizz in your glass, ask yourself how
committed you are to the change you wish for. Is it a change in behaviour or circumstances that you’ve wanted and wished for in previous years? If you’ve answered ‘yes’, it’s likely to be more difficult to change because you may be undermining your intentions without realising it; you may have developed an ‘immunity’ to making this change in your life and work. What does your immunity protect you from facing? Maybe you want to lead your organisation or team in a different way – encourage more innovation and collaboration, rely less on heroic leadership types of behaviour, be more available for your team and trust them to contribute more; what would you need to change and develop in yourself to make that happen, and what is the need that is stronger than your desire for change that stops you?

If you work at exploring these questions at a deeper level, you can create the antidote to broken resolutions and failed attempts to introduce change in your work and leadership. The unconscious factors that may be constraining your attempts to do things differently are unique to you, your organisation and it’s culture. Understanding how these factors fit together is a key part of switching the tracks and making change a reality.

Wishing you a happy and successful year in which you achieve your aspirations.

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